Jennifer Kimmen

Jen is a fundraising guru, a marketing and communications leader and the best cat herder we
know. Jen works for Xcel Energy and recent college graduate. She’s married to her best friend
Tony, and Colie, Ella and Haley Jo call her their favorite mom. She’s also Carol’s favorite cousin
and Lucy’s favorite niece. Lucy taught Jen all about gardening, finances, and most importantly,
the power of being humble and kind.Jen recalls a conversation she had with Carol months after her mom’s diagnosis as the moment
she knew the foundation was her calling. “Jen,” Carol said, “I won’t remember all the tests they
ran on mom or all the renovations to the house to make it accessible. But I will remember
every memory we made in Alaska–every smile, every gleeful squeal when she spotted a
whale, every look of wonder in her eyes.” Jen is thrilled to be able to give that to the next family.

What is your favorite vacation?
Hands down ­ Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota Florida. There is so much to love–the soft white
sand, the sun, the sand castles built by the kids, the sun, the waves where you could body surf
until the drum circle at sunset. It works for the adults, the kids and everyone in­ between.

Favorite quote?
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ­ Plato

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